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2020/03/31 Les Trois Graces Inc.
Ko Shibasaki makes her “Vmedia” debut!
Launches official YouTube channel inspired by “Live Beautifully”

We are happy to announce that Les Trois Graces (represented by Ko Shibasaki, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has launched their global Vmedia(1) platform “Official Ko Shibasaki ‘Les Trois Graces’ Channel” (“Les Trois Channel” for short) on YouTube on March 31st, 2020.

(1)Vmedia is not just limited to life-centered Vlogs, but also for various video announcements.

Ko Shibasaki, since debuting in 1998, has had a highly successful career as an actress and singer, with a focus on “placing value on feelings and words.” Starting from 2016 she has worked as the face of Les Trois Graces focusing on “Living together with the Earth.” The Les Trois channel will be a medium through which Shibasaki will express her convictions about what she holds dear, in her own way.

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Shibasaki’s “Live Beautifully” slogan is indispensable for our surroundings, necessities and what our hearts yearn for, held up by the 3 concepts of “EARTH CONSCIOUS”, “LIFESTYLE” & “ENTERTAINMENT”. On this channel, Shibasaki will release interviews, lifestyles videos and other content that she personally produces to convey these messages that she cherishes.

In the teaser video that was released today, we will be introducing
the 3 concepts that make up the Les Trois Channel.

This channel is sure to excite working women and all those who want to live beautifully. In the future, a variety of information will become available via the Les Trois Channel.

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Ko Shibasaki Profile

Actress, Artist, and Representative of Les Trois Graces

In 2017 she appeared as the lead in NHK's historical drama Naotora: The Lady Warlord. Les Trois Graces was established in 2016 to create a sustainable society. In 2018, she was named “Environmental Special Publicity Ambassador” by the Ministry of the Environment.

In September 2019, she wrote her first essay, LIFE THE KO - 9 Ways to Live Life, as well as releasing a photobook called THE KO - Ko Shibasaki photobook in the same year and disclosed about her lifestyle. In her recent music career, she has been working with Jazztronik sound producer Ryota Nozaki, creating refined music.

As of 2020, she is currently appearing in NHK’s serialized short story series called Yell as Tamaki Futaura, the world-renowned opera singer. She is also set to appear as the lead in Moeyo Ken as Oyuki, who falls in love with Hijikata Toshizo, set for release May 22nd.

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